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The South Wales Cyber Security Cluster is run for the benefit of small companies specialising in cyber security in the South Wales Region. Below are details of the news, initiatives, opportunities and ideas that have been shared with the Cluster.

PLEASE NOTE: Some opportunities are intended for Core Members (Cyber SMEs) only, to access these please click here


Opportunities with deadlines

UK Security Expo 2017 - Event: 29th November 2017

Prime/SME Engagement is a unique Programme running alongside UK Security Expo 2017, 29-30 November at London Olympia Grand.

Its objective is to bring SME Exhibitors together with the Prime Contractors, who are looking for innovative ways to solve large-scale customer projects. Each Prime will do an introduction in a private area at the show with ample time provided for face-to-face meetings and networking with SMEs.

N.B. This programme is unique to UK Security Expo and available (FOC) to all SMEs. Please let me know if you would like further information and I will have a member of the team follow up with you.

Please register your interest by emailing Chief Executive, UK Security Expo

Scoping Exercise - proposed US multi-city mega mission 2018 - Deadline: November

The Department for International Trade (DIT) is seeking your input with regard proposed multi city mega trade mission planned for the USA during either April or May of 2018.

As the fourth of the technology & smart cities mega missions, the proposed US multi city mega mission will be far the largest.

To ensure that the mission meets the objectives of those UK technology companies that would want to participate. This scoping exercise is being undertaken to ascertain which US cities would be most suitable for this mega mission.

By completing the form, accessed via the URL on the right, you will be able to influence the make-up and structure of the mission, and those US industrial sectors targeted.

The mission will be a minimum of one week and will visit those cities the scoping exercise has identified as being the most appropriate for UK technology companies.

The mission will be designed so companies can participate in all or part of the program.

Click here to complete the online form -

Information provided by Kathryn Thurlow, Business Development Manager - ICT, International Trade and Development at Welsh Government.

UK Defence and Security Accelerator: Enduring Challenge - Open Until: 20th February 2018

Innovation funding available for The Accelerator Enduring Challenge funds innovative proof - of - concept research that could lead to a cost effective advantage for UK armed forces and national security.

There are 10 broad defence and security challenge areas to position proposals against

  • 1. Data: cyber, information, big data, management and processing, sensemaking, visualisation, delivery, interoperability
  • 2. Communications: secure, unsecure, mobile, novel forms
  • 3. Protection: personnel, platforms, facilities, digital systems, materials
  • 4. Situational awareness: sensors, precision navigation and timing, reduced dependability on GPS, surveillance, status of digital systems
  • 5. Power: provision, sources, non fossil, hybrid, management, fuel efficiency
  • 6. Communications: secure, unsecure, mobile, novel forms
  • 7. Lethality: weapons, conventional, novel, directed energy, defence, less than lethal
  • 8. Mobility: platforms, air, land, sea, space, human, means of propulsion
  • 9. Human performance: physical and mental, systems interface, survivability, sustainment, training, medical
  • 10. Lower cost of ownership: platforms, equipment, facilities


The MOD typically fund proposals for proof - of - concept research in the range of £50,000 to £90,000 for work of 3 to 9 months duration for the first phase of work. The Challenge will fund 100% of eligible costs.


The Challenge is open now and will receive applications on a monthly basis from 5th April 2017 to 20th February 2018.


Innovation Point are here to help increase your chances of securing the funding you need to grow. Please contact us about this and other funding opportunities to discuss how we can help you:

Roger Hiscott, Head of Business Development

Email: Tel: 07973 122 295 Web:



Opportunities that are open-ended

Request for help - USW 3rd year BSc Computer Security student, Jodie Kill - Response: ASAP

My name is Jodie Kill; I am 3rd year BSc Computer Security student studying at the University of South Wales. As part of my final year studies, I will be undertaking a research project and have selected wearable devices in the workplace, ultimately creating a Security Management Policy that will govern the use of them, much like a mobile phone or BYOD policy that might currently be in place.

In order for me to successfully evaluate whether my policy will be usable I need a company that can provide feedback and also as a case study so I can write the policy. I will not be recording any personal or company data, just views and opinions from staff and managerial staff on wearable devices; the types they use, if they wear them to work, etc. I would also wish to look the current security policy in place to see if wearable devices are already incorporated into it.

Sharan Johnstone is my dissertation supervisor and will be over seeing my project. If you have any questions or are willing to help feel free to email me or phone me on 07456028355 or Sharan or phone her on 01443 483408.

Responsible Innovation COMPASS is an EU-funded project - Ongoing

Responsible Innovation COMPASS is an EU-funded project that supports Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) from emerging technology industries to manage their research, development and innovation activities in a responsible and inclusive manner. During the three years of the project we will develop and launch a number of elements of the Responsible Innovation COMPASS, an online platform containing a number of tools and services tailored to SME needs:

  • Inspiring case studies
  • Sector roadmaps
  • Responsible Innovation Self-check tool
  • Training materials

As a security company, you’re probably very concerned about ethics, and ensuring your business acts as responsibly as possible. What we want to do is to help your company be even more ethical in your business practices.

We want to be pragmatic, useful, and responsive to your company’s needs and goals.

Much like the security sector sells an idea – that security needs to be built in from the beginning – we will convince you that if you build in responsible and ethical practice from the beginning, you’ll benefit from it in the medium-long term through:

  • better relationships with clients;
  • broader and more sensitive outreach and sales approaches;
  • higher levels of client trust in your company;
  • a more embedded community presence;
  • and an agility for future challenges and opportunities

We will work directly and confidentially with you and your company, identifying your areas of good practice and injecting good practice identified by interviews with practitioners, CEOs, and developers of other tech companies. We have successfully done this with the health technology sector in the past, and now we want to open up our methods to the security sector.

We want your company to be prepared for what the future might bring – 2, 5, even 10 years down the line, and help you to put good practice in place to be able to deal with these challenges and opportunities. You’ll also learn how to use our techniques to help potential clients thinking about their own futures – and how security can benefit them.

We’ll need around 5 hours of your time total, spread over 2 face-to-face meetings where we come to you, and a couple of short follow-up phone calls after each meeting. In between, we will integrate expert opinion from our research for the COMPASS project, the East Midlands Police, academic security researchers, business support organisations such as B Labs and EBN Innovation Network, and professional organisations to help you look above and beyond your everyday practice.

You’ll get a tailored, future-looking roadmap to practically implement responsible and ethical practice in your company, so you can benefit from being more trustworthy, learn from our methods, and end up with a more agile, future-looking company that can be relied on by customers and the public to behave ethically and responsibly.

For more information please contact Catherine Flick at for more information. Our website is at

Volunteer SMEs for NCSC website user testing - Deadline: ASAP

CESG are recruiting volunteers for usability testing of the new National Cyber Security Centre website between now and launch. They are developing the website in 'sprints' and would like groups of users to do some testing after each sprint - roughly every 2 weeks.

The first date is 8th July in London and they are specifically trying to pin down non-cyber security SMEs - see link below. It will take about an hour.

Information provided by Kevin Lowrie, Assistant Director Communications Cyber Security, Department of Culture Media and Sport.

Cyber Security Technologist & Risk Management Opportunities with BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT - Open-ended

BCS are searching for a number of subject matter experts with a breadth of industry knowledge and experience to assist us in the development of Exam Banks and End-Point-Assessment model for the following Digital Industry Trailblazer Apprenticeship Standards over the forthcoming months.

Your role as a subject matter expert on the development panel would include the following:

  • Cyber Security Technologist and Risk Analyst pathways
  • Providing industry expertise and knowledge
  • Creating a bank of questions (items) for each knowledge module
  • Tailoring our end-point-assessment model to the Standard, including developing a Grading Framework
  • Building a bank of synoptic projects for the end-point-assessment
  • Creating or reviewing courseware

Our aim is to develop a valid, fair and reliable assessment that meets the knowledge, skills and behaviours defined in the standard which are documented in the Occupational Briefs located here:

If you are interested in being involved in this opportunity, helping people embark on their career in IT, please contact us.

Please email with an expression of interest and a copy of your current CV.

Information provided by Stuart Lewis, Head of Cyber Security, University of South Wales

H2020 Cyber Experts Programme - Open-ended

Help design European cybersecurity policy and evaluate Horizon 2020 cybersecurity proposals

The EU is seeking individuals with expertise in cybersecurity and digital privacy to be appointed as independent experts to assist with research and innovation assignments including the evaluation of Horizon 2020 proposals, monitoring of projects and design of policy. Experts are paid for their time and are reimbursed for any travel costs.

If this is of interest, you can register as an expert at:

Information provided by Simon Renault, Head of Special Projects, Innovation Point.

CSIT Incubator, Belfast - Open-ended

CSIT Labs – An incubator programme designed to engineer viable ventures in cyber security. Based at CSIT, the UK's national Innovation & Knowledge Centre for cyber security.

Information provided by Sian Jones, ESNR-Sectors & Business-ICT Sector, Welsh Government.



Old & Archived Opportunities


DIT - International Cyber Security Forum (FIC) - Register: 27th October 2017

The French Ministry of Interior, the Nord Pas-de-Calais Regional Council and CEIS consulting firm are organising the 10th edition of the International Cyber Security Forum!

Fully furnished 6m² stand space

Access to business networking platform

Company profile via the FIC catalogue and website

Special negotiated price €3,000

When: 23 & 24 January 2018

Where: Grand Palais, Lille

Cost: €3,000

Contact: Richard Ellis, Defence & Security, Business Development,, +33 (0)1 44 51 31 82

Information provided by Ruth Stockley, Business Development Manager – Trade & Investment Europe, Welsh Government.

Migration Paper Call for Evidence - Closing Date: 27th October 2017

The Welsh Government recently published a paper on the Fair Movement of People which is available at:

We’re told it was quite well received by UK Government, who has recently established a Migration Advisory Committee (MAC).

The Committee is analysing European Economic Area migration across the whole of the UK to inform the future UK Government approach to migration.

You may wish to note that the MAC published a call for evidence on 4th August (closing date 27th October). This is available at:

We have been asked to invite companies/organisations in Wales who we think would be interested in meeting directly with the Committee to discuss issues relating to the future approach to migration. There are no guarantees at this stage as I am sure they will receive many nominations from across all regions and industries in UK; but it goes without saying that its important to make sure we provide a strong list of candidates for them to consider in the round.

If you are interested in contributing to this work please register your interest by emailing Senior Strategy Manager – ICT, Welsh Government

UK Industry Day at NATO HQ - Event: 24th October 2017

The Department for International Trade and UK Joint Delegation to NATO are pleased to inform you that they will be hosting a UK Industry Day at NATO HQ.

The event will be held at NATO Headquarters in Brussels and will focus on business opportunities within the NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCIA)

Guests will also be invited to attend a reception at the Ambassador’s residence on the evening of the 23rd

Please register your interest by emailing

Trade Mission to ICS Conference in Atlanta - Event: 23rd - 26th October 2017

The UK Government will be running a trade mission to the ICS Cyber Security Conference in Atlanta in October and there will be finding available to support travel costs.

Since 2002, the ICS Cyber Security Conference has gathered ICS cyber security stakeholders across various industries and attracts operations and control engineers, IT, government, vendors and academics. Over the years, the focus of the conference has shifted from raising awareness towards sharing security event histories and discussing solutions and protection strategies. As the longest-running cyber security-focused conference for the industrial control systems sector, the event will cater to the energy, utility, chemical, transportation, manufacturing, and other industrial and critical infrastructure organizations.

More information can be found at

If you are interested in attending, please contact Dr Kevin Jones at Airbus who can provide more details.

DIT - Testing France and the UK’s Digital Defences - Register: 20th October 2017

Cyber security has no borders, so cross-border action is needed to respond to the dynamic nature of cyber threats. The UK and France are already close allies in the fight for a safer cyberspace and each country is backed with high calibre R&D and thriving cyber valleys which are hotbeds for innovation. But how can we bring the two ecosystems together to create the next generation of digital defenders?

The objective of this event is to explore opportunities forFranco-British commercial, academic and research collaboration in the cybersphere. Through a series of panel discussions, attendees will learn about the latest developments in policy, funding and R&D to better position themselves in the face of evolving cyber threats. A series of pitches will provide UK and French companies with a platform to showcase their expertise to an audience of key cyber security stakeholders. Participants will also have the chance to explore partnership opportunities through a dedicated B2B session. Combined this will help us to better position ourselves on both European and world markets, using our strengths and differences to help us grow our cyber ecosystems internationally.

When: Tuesday 7 November 2017

Where: British Ambassador’s Residence, 39 rue du Faubourg St Honoré, 75008, Paris

Cost: £630 ex. VAT (2 attendees per company)

Contact: Richard Ellis, Defence & Security, Business Development,, +33 (0)1 44 51 31 82

Information provided by Ruth Stockley, Business Development Manager – Trade & Investment Europe, Welsh Government.

Tech Against Terrorism Event - Event: 16th October 2017

Cluster members are invite to the upcoming Tech Against Terrorism event on October 16th at the Swansea Tech Hub. This event, organised by ICT4Peace and Swansea University’s College of Law and Criminology, is a United Nations Counter-Terrorism Executive Directorate (UN-CTED) backed global campaign to fight terrorist exploitation of technology in support of the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism.

The Tech Against Terrorism event is an opportunity for Welsh technology start-ups to network with one another and engage with discussions around preventing terrorist use and exploitation of your services. It will also provide an opportunity for start-ups like yourselves to voice your concerns and identify how Tech Against Terrorism can assist and support you in responding to terrorist exploitation of technology.

The event will run from 1000 until 1630 on the 16th October 2017. During this time, experts from Swansea University’s Cyberterrorism Project will discuss how terrorist groups have exploited technology in the past to achieve their key aims and objectives and how they are predicted to do so in the future, and Tech Against Terrorism staff will run a series of workshops on how to effectively plan, prepare and respond to potential or suspected terrorist activity on your platform. Lunch will be provided and attendance at the event is entirely free.

If you are interested in participating in this event, please sign up via our Eventbright:

Cyber 101: Business Skills Bootcamps for Cyber Security SMEs in Wales - Event: 12th October 2017 (but please respond ASAP)

Cyber 101 is a national programme running from January 2017 – March 2021 as part of DCMS funded activity to grow the UK’s cyber security sector and the capability of cyber security SMEs. This programme is linked to the Develop strand of UK Government’s National Cyber Security Strategy, a series of activities that will be supported by £1.9bn public investment over the next five years.

On 12 October 2017, in partnership with Innovation Point, the Cyber 101 bootcamp will be run in Newport, Wales.

Who should apply?

Digital Catapult wants to hear from small and medium-sized cyber security companies that are interested in receiving mentorship and business skills coaching. Applications are open to cyber security companies operating across all UK sectors with existing product or service offerings linked to the following categories:

  • SCADA and ICS
  • Information risk management
  • Perimeter security
  • Network security
  • Application security
  • Access control
  • Cyber industry support services
  • Training, awareness and education
  • Incident response and management
  • Monitoring, detection and analysis

The bootcamps are aimed at both established start-ups looking to refine their business propositions, and more mature SMEs seeking a 'sanity check' on their business practices and advice on scaling up and expanding.

Interested in applying?

Each bootcamp has space for eight SMEs - places are allocated to those with the most appropriate needs, expertise, services and products in line with the Open Call.

To register your interest, go to

CyberTech Europe, Rome - Event: 26th-27th September 2017

the Department for International Trade and the Science & Innovation Network have partnered with Leonardo - the leading Italian multinational aerospace, defence and security company and NATO Prime Contractor ( - for the next edition of Cybertech Europe that will take place in Rome at La Nuvola Convention Centre on 26 and 27th September 2017.

Thanks to this partnership, UK companies joining the event will have the opportunity to:

  • Access and network with Leonardo clients, international institutions and Governments attending the event;
  • Access Leonardo and its supply-chain;
  • Access the wider European industry (Tier-1 Security Providers) and leading international technology vendors;
  • Receive DIT support for tailored B2B meetings

The exhibition will also host a unique Start-up Pavilion where hundreds of innovative & cutting edge start-ups will display the latest technological and cyber advancements from the “Start-Up Nation”.

In order to qualify for the Start-up Pavilion and take advantage of the related subsidies, start-ups must meet the following criteria:

  • Founded after 2007
  • Be manufacturers of high-technology products
  • Be owned by private entrepreneurs and/or venture capital
  • The annual income should not exceed $750,000 revenues

Each qualifying start-up will be entitled to a large table area to exhibit on the Cybertech Start-up Pavilion

For more information visit

and contact the conference co-organisers at copied to DIT Italy that will coordinate the meeting programme:

Serena Corti, Head of Engineering Unit

Elena Casalino, Trade Adviser

Kelly Evans, Business Development Manager Inward Investment, Department for Economy, Science & Transport, Welsh Government

Home Office SBRI Competition - Deadline: 20th September 2017

The Home Office Defence Science and Technology Laboratory - Defence and Security Accelerator have issued a challenge through the Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) process.

The Home Office are to invest up to £2m in this Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) challenge competition. Total funding for phase 1 is up to £1 million with a further £1 million available for phase 2 projects.

The competition seeks innovative ideas to reduce the threat from the terrorist or malicious use of explosives and weapons in public spaces by using the crowd as a sensor. These capabilities and systems are to be used in crowded spaces, such as shopping centres, sports stadia and entertainment venues.

Full details can be found in the Competition Document at: Accelerator Online.

An innovation network event for this DASA competition will be held on 27 July 2017.

This competition closes on 20 September 2017.

Proposals must be submitted to the Accelerator Online.

Information provided by Neil Sandford, Business Development Manager – ICT Inward Investment, Welsh Government.

Digital 2017 - Event: 18th & 19th September 2017

A festival for the innovators, the industry, the investors. The dreamers, the schemers, the angel investors, the beta testers. The movers, the shakers, the doers, the makers.

Our keynote speakers have been there, they’ve done it, they’ve won it. Our workshops will talk sense, pounds and pence, reach for the stars, driverless cars, holograms, cyber scams, edtech and high spec

And on our new Showcase Stage up-and-comers, future world-changers, tomorrow’s heroes can tell their tale to investors looking for the next big thing.

There’ll be an Expo in shipping containers. Street food. Hands-on exhibitions and tomorrow’s tech. Smart companies and smarter people.

Sponsors and partners will be welcomed into the Digital world this Spring and Summer. Read on for how to join us.

New venue – Tramshed Tech, Tramshed Music venue, road outside closed and Expo in Steel Shipping Containers with Street Food traders – festival/urban vib

New Focus – all about creating business opportunities, collaboration and attracting the right people to the event – ie. ‘buyers’

New Partners - We’re teaming up with National Procurement Service who will be inviting all the public sector ICT ‘procurement’ buyers to Digital (that’s Police, Ambulance Services, local Councils, Higher Education & Further Education etc). We’re also working with London Stock Exchange, the UKBAA (Angel Investors association) to attract investors to the event, TechUk and Digital Catapult – to push a more UK wide approach.

New marketing – we’ll be pushing our marketing campaign to outside Wales targeting Bristol, Bath & M4 Corridor. People in Wales will come anyway, so we’re focusing our publicity efforts outside Wales to attract new audiences. We’re also looking at ‘Non-tech’ companies in Wales who need to become up to speed with digitalisation and be purchasing things such as Cyber Security etc – they will be encouraged to attend through our marketing drive

New Audiences:-

  • INVESTORS: never before have we pushed to attract investors to Digital. We want to show them the best of Welsh Tech. We’ve already heard that they know there’s a buzzing cyber security cluster in Wales, so we want to be able to show this off at Digital in our Expo.
  • NON TECH COMPANIES: we’ll be pushing those companies that need to ‘switch on’ to Tech, its opportunities, its importance and the competitive advantages it can bring to attend Digital to find out more!
  • MORE TECH PEOPLE: The new venue will help to attract a ‘less-corporate’ delegate and instead attract those actually working in the heart of the tech industry

We’re also offering all Welsh tech SMEs a £750 discount off the price of the Exhibition stands – so for just £1,000 plus VAT – you get a 2 x 2 metre stand for 2 days

Want to Exhibit or Sponsor? We’ve got lots of opportunity for your company to be a part of this exciting event. To find out more, email us at or call Tony on 07812 582213.

NCSC, Cyber First Summer Events - Events: July to September 2017

The National Cyber Security Centre are running a range of activities across the UK in the summer to encourage youngsters into cyber security and 3 of the courses will be run at Cardiff Met University, each aimed at a different age group.

The courses represent a great opportunity to build on young people’s existing cyber skills and interests. The courses are free with the aim of encouraging participation from as wide a section of society as possible. Running throughout the courses is a strong emphasis on the ethics and legalities of ‘messing around’ with computers and the internet.

Places are limited and in other parts of the country they are full BUT take up of the courses in Cardiff has been slower.

The courses are:

CyberFirst Defenders

A free four-day residential and non-residential course aimed at 14 to 15 year olds (Date of birth 1/9/2001 to 31/8/2002). The course provides a valuable introduction to the tools, knowledge and skills required to build and protect small networks and personal devices. Bookings are now open. For all enquiries please contact Smallpeice on 01926 333200 or email

CyberFirst Futures

A free five-day residential and non-residential course aimed at 15 to 16 year olds (1/9/2000 to 31/8/2001). Ideal for students looking to study computer science at AS/A Levels, or equivalents. Students will explore advanced cyber security threats to devices, apps and software and investigate ways of protecting them. Bookings are now open. For all enquiries please contact Smallpeice on 01926 333200 or email

CyberFirst Advanced

A free five-day residential and non-residential course aimed at 16 to 17 year olds (1/9/1999 to 31/8/2000). This is designed to expand the knowledge of anyone studying computer science at AS/A Levels or equivalents or for any student who has a real interest and aptitude for computers. Bookings are now open. For all enquiries please contact Smallpeice on 01926 333200 or email

Most of the courses are both mixed and residential but the CyberFirst Advanced course in Cardiff is a Girls only residential. This is only 20% full and NCSC might be forced to pull it if they don’t get more applicants – which would be a real shame!

Information provided by Russ Wardle, Arcanum Cyber.

UK Cyber Security Sectoral Analysis - Closing Date: 31st August 2017

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) is working with RSM's Economic Consulting team (PACEC) in collaboration with the Centre for Security Information Technologies (CSIT) to produce statistics about the size, scale and future opportunities for the UK Cyber Security sector. This will include estimates of the sector's revenue, employment and contribution to the UK economy.

The findings of the research will be used to inform government policy on cyber security and how government can support growth in the sector. This supports the Government’s aim to make the UK one of the most secure places to do business online and one of the world’s leading digital nations.

As part of this research, RSM is conducting a survey of organisations associated with the UK cyber security sector, including cyber security companies. Companies which offer cyber security products, services and solutions, whether as their sole business offer or as a proportion of their business activity, are encouraged to complete the survey.

It is vital that as many organisations as possible associated with the UK cyber security sector respond, to ensure the data collected is robust. If your company is a consumer of cyber security products, services and solutions please feel free to forward this e-mail to your UK based suppliers.

If you need any further information, or would like to discuss the survey, please do not hesitate to contact the RSM team (Jonathan Hobson, or Sam Donaldson,

Please note that any data collected through the survey will be treated in strictest confidence, used solely for the purposes of this study, and not shared with any third parties. The survey platform is ISO27001 accredited, and RSM complies with the Market Research Society Code of Conduct, and the Data Protection Act 1998.

Take the Survey here

Information provided by Neil Sandford, Business Development Manager – ICT Inward Investment, Welsh Government.

EndeavR Space Event - Registration closes: 30th August 2017

Endeavr has teamed up with the Satellite Applications Catapult to host a 1 day ‘space’ event at the Touchlab in Airbus, Newport on Wed 6th Sept. The agenda looks great. Speakers include:

  • John Whalley, CEO Wales Aerospace
  • Paul Febvre, CTO Satellite Application Catapult
  • Jamie Reed, Airbus – Strategy
  • Joseph Bray, Airbus – intelligence
  • Prof Peter Hargraves, Cardiff University (representing WASP)
  • Rob Desborough, Seraphim Capital
  • Nick Crew, Endeavr

For more info and to register see:

As this is the first time the Catapult has come to Wales, we’d really appreciate your support in terms of attending and / or in helping promote the event to your contacts in Wales. If of interest, we’d also like to invite you and/or your team to:

  • Set up a promotional banner or marketing materials (before the event starts at 9.30am)
  • Set-up demos in demo room (if you require internet access, you’ll need to bring a PC with an Ethernet port/connection)
  • Provide a 1 or 2 minute pitch or update to attendees (during the Satuccino & Extra Shot session) on any relevant space-related activities, capabilities and/or areas of interest

If of interest, please feel free to contact with any questions or queries

H2020 Challenge - Event: 24th August 2017

A challenge has been issued under the H2020 DS-08-2017 topic Cybersecurity PPP: Privacy, Data Protection, Digital Identities. The challenge is an Innovation action focused on Secure digital identities.

The Secure Passwordless EvidencE-based authentication for Digital identities project (SPEED) aims at developing a secure and user-friendly authentication framework, featuring an innovative robust biometric algorithm, that can be seen as an alternative to current password-based authentication systems. The proposed solution permits to decouple the acquisition process, performed in a secure private environment (i.e. Bring Your Own Device - BYOD), from the more computationally expensive matching process, performed on a powerful, scalable, event-driven cloud platform. ISMB will be involved in the definition and development of an innovative cloud platform for supporting authentication requests and distribution of sensible data.

For more information please contact

IntaPeople charity netball event: Raising funds for The Prince’s Trust - Event: 24th August 2017

On Thursday 24th August the Intapeople team will be hosting a charity netball event to raise money for The Prince’s Trust and they are inviting companies from the Cardiff area to join them to make this event a success.

Whether you are a novice or an experienced netball player, they want you to join them for a fun evening that will help contribute to a great cause.

For more information or to register click

Information provided by Jonathan Stock, IT Security Recruitment Consultant, Intapeople, +44(0)29 20 252 500.

Workshop - Cyber Security Market Analysis 2017 - Event: 22nd August 2017

Bath, Bristol & Corsham Cluster are running a workshop titled Cyber Security Market Analysis 2017 and they have extended an invitation to any South Wales Cluster members who would like to cross the Bridge to attend.

The event will be run at The Engine Shed, Bristol.

Participants will:-

  • Discover the European Commission's plans for stimulating the cybersecurity market
  • Hear the European Cyber Security Organisation’s (ECSO) objectives and programme with a proposed budget of €1,800M
  • Participate by sharing your views and influencing future European (and UK) policies
  • Have access to the latest 2016 UK data and its global context from the study which includes: market segmentation, employment, company numbers, in-country sales, import and export data plus other data

Click here to register

Also, please remember that Cluster members are always welcome at the Bath, Bristol or Corsham meetings - the next one is at 5pm-8pm, 26th September 2017 in Bath and will include a talk by the Department for International Trade - Update on services, grants and support for SMEs as part of the “Make Britain Great” campaign, and EU GDPR - A perspective from Jason Cromack of My Life Digital.

Information provided by Tim Moran, co-chair of the Bath, Bristol & Corsham Cyber Security Cluster

Trade mission to Singapore International Cyber Week - Deadline: 17th August 2017

The Department for International Trade (DIT) and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport are organising a trade mission to Singapore International Cyber Week.

The Rt Hon Matt Hancock MP, Minister of State for Digital, is leading the mission to the event – one of the key dates on the global cyber-security calendar. Companies on the mission will:

  • Learn about the cyber-security landscape in Singapore via briefing sessions and face-to-face contact with cyber-security experts
  • Have one-to-one meetings with key Singaporean decision makers or buyers
  • Receive business-matchmaking support throughout the mission
  • Attend a networking reception at the British High Commissioner’s residence in Singapore
  • Receive a pass for the conference and exhibition (one per company)

Companies that exhibit with DIT will also:

  • Learn about the cyber-security landscape in Singapore via briefing sessions and face-to-face contact with cyber-security experts
  • Have a space on the prominently placed UK Pavilion at GovWare 2017, Asia’s leading cyber-security show
  • Receive support at the exhibition stand from UK government officials, including DIT’s Cyber Security Team
  • Receive an additional pass for the conference and exhibition (two per exhibiting company in total)

Areas of particular interest this year are technologies connected to smart nations and defence, as well as data analytics, artificial intelligence, autonomy and augmented reality. Last year’s inaugural event had 6,000 attendees from the region and beyond, as well as 100 exhibitors and sponsors.

Taking place at the same time this year is Singapore Week of Innovation and Technology, which features a packed programme of top industry events including Techinnovation (a technology-industry brokerage event) and SLUSH (a global entrepreneurship and start-up event) offering opportunities across all areas of technology. HMRC will also be running a Compliance and Transparency Week, with a dedicated regtech day.

To apply to take part, please contact:

Billy Janjuha, DIT Cyber Security Team

by 17 August 2017

Opportunity for UK cyber start-ups in Atlanta, Georgia - Deadline: 11th August 2017

DIT Southeast USA team have partnered on together with the City of Atlanta - their International Start-Up Exchange initiative.

In particular DIT Southeast USA is seeking to enable two UK companies to participate in a visit program to the Atlanta area. While this start-up exchange is open to a number of different technology sectors we are particularly keen to secure applications from our UK cyber security industry for this week-long hosted visit program (including free flights/accommodation + meeting programme) to Atlanta. Assuming that the UK start-ups selected are from our cyber community we would plan the visit to coincide with Atlanta cyber week / Cybercon scheduled for October 2-6.

The 2017 Atlanta International Startup Exchange will provide four Atlanta-based companies with a platform for global expansion in either Toulouse, France or the United Kingdom. Atlanta will also welcome four startups from Toulouse and the U.K. to participate in Atlanta Cyber Week or Venture Atlanta Week.

Each market for the 2017 Exchange has been selected for sharing growing industries and strong, existing relationships with Atlanta. Over the course of the one week residency, the selected startups will connect with local startup ecosystems, gain access to international conferences, and engage with global decision makers, investors, business leaders and potential

Learn more and apply online at

Selected startups will receive roundtrip airfare, accommodations, dedicated co-working space and ground transportation for one representative.

  • August 11: Application Deadline
  • October 1-7: First Startup Residency in Atlanta
  • October 8-14: Second Startup Residency in Atlanta
  • October 8-14: Startup Residency in Toulouse
  • November 12-18: Startup Residency in the U.K.

For further information and support, please correspond with Matthew Morris

GCHQ Incubator Call for Companies - Deadline: 9th August 2017

The GCHQ Cyber Accelerator is a collaboration between the UK Government Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), Wayra UK, part of Telefónica Open Future_, and the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC).

Part of the Government’s £1.9bn National Cyber Security Programme, it drives innovation in the cyber security sector and helps keep British businesses and consumers safe from online attacks and threats.

Successful applicants will gain access to GCHQ’s world-class personnel and technological expertise to allow them to expand capability, improve ideas and devise cutting-edge products to outpace current and emerging threats.

The partnership will help teams develop their businesses and secure the investment needed to take their companies to the next level. A roster of best-in-class coaches and mentors from GCHQ and the wider Telefónica Group – including O2 and ElevenPaths – will provide support. Start-ups will also receive a financial grant, and access to work space.

We are looking for companies who are using novel techniques to solve real problems, and whose products could be applied in a cyber security context – for any customers, from individuals at home to the world’s biggest companies.

We also want next-generation solutions that are faster, better and cheaper than existing products. However, they must solve a known problem – we are not looking for research proposals, but ideas that make a difference now.

We have provided some indicative challenges to aid understanding of the things we are looking for – but this is not an exhaustive list – and we have roughly categorised them into three overlapping strands: Data, People, Technology.

GCHQ has a specific set of objectives around minimising the risk of child sexual exploitation and we ask that you also consider this specific context when considering the challenges.

For more information, or to register your interest, go to

Online Courts Hackathon - Event: 1st & 2nd July 2017

The proposed introduction of online courts in England and Wales (for civil, family, and tribunal disputes) represents one of the most significant reforms to the justice system in the past two centuries. Supported by both the Government and the Judiciary of England and Wales, the motivation behind online courts is to provide greater access to justice at lower cost than the conventional court system. While the government is leading the transformation (and is investing around £1 billion in modernising the courts), it is recognised that the design of the online courts would benefit from the input of the wider communities of lawyers, court users, law students, and technologists.

The idea of the Hackathon is to bring these communities together over a 24-hour period (from noon to noon) and in a friendly and yet competitive spirit, to invite teams to come up with designs, solutions, systems, and technologies for online courts. Participants will be invited to design various tools to support online courts – for example, tools to help litigants structure their legal arguments, organise their documents, negotiate settlements without advisers, as well as systems that will promote ‘open justice’ and machine learning solutions that will help analyse all the data generated by the online courts (these examples were drawn, in part, from discussions with HM Courts & Tribunals Service).

Prizes will awarded for the best ideas. Pizzas and coffee will be consumed in great quantities while the teams work through the night.

This hackathon is an application process, applying does not guarantee entry. The secret location will be revealed to accepted teams and individuals.

For more information, visit

Information provided by Jonathan Fortune, Strategy Manager ICT for Welsh Government on

Innovate UK’s Energy Catalyst Round 5 2017 competition - Deadline: 28th June 2017

Innovate UK’s Energy Catalyst Round 5 2017 competition opened end of April with a registration deadline of 21/6/17 and a submission date of midday 28 June deadline. This competition looks to fund a range of highly innovative projects that provide market-focused energy solutions in any tech or sector. Proposals must address all 3 elements of reduced costs, reduced emissions and security of supply.

There are 3 streams to this competition:

  • Early-stage competition stream: These are technical feasibility projects. Projects can last up to 1 year, with total costs ranging from £50,000 to £300,000. Research organisations may lead early-stage projects, in partnership with at least one UK business. UK SMEs can lead early-stage projects with or without partners.
  • Mid-stage competition stream: These are industrial research projects. Projects can last up to 3 years, with total costs ranging from £50,000 to £1,500,000. Mid-stage projects must be collaborative and led by a UK business.
  • Late-stage competition stream: These are experimental development projects. Projects can last up to 3 years, with total costs ranging from £50,000 to £10,000,000. Late-stage projects must be collaborative and led by a UK business.

All projects must include at least one UK business and look to start on 1 January 2018.

For more information go to:

Information provided by Jason Lintern, Innovation Point on

Webinar - Cyber security opportunities in the Netherlands - Event: 27th June 2017

Join this webinar to learn more about cyber security export opportunities in The Netherlands.

Online crime is becoming more prevalent and protection against cyber-attacks has become increasingly important. As a result, the Dutch government is investing €5 million in 2017 and €14 million from 2018 onwards in cyber security.

Even though 25% of Dutch companies experience cybercrime, they often don’t know how to tackle the problem. So there are great export opportunities in the cyber security market.

This webinar, hosted by DIT The Netherlands, provides you with an overview of the opportunities for UK companies. It will also cover the UK-NL Cyber Security Showcase 2017, to be held on 27th September 2017, which is an ideal gateway to the Dutch cyber security market.

Register online now

Information provided by Ruth Stockley, Business Development Manager – Trade & Investment, Europe on

IoD South Wales First Wednesday Club - Event: 7th June 2017

The June First Wednesday Club of the South Wales IoD Branch has a special guest speaker James Lyne, he is a fellow Director of the SANS Institute, the Global Head of Security Research at Sophos and all-round top expert in the field of 'Cyber Security.'

Title of James' talk is 'How Hackers Do It.' See live through the eyes of a cyber criminal with @jameslyne. Ever wondered how hackers steal credentials, banking details and commit fraud on mass? Join James Lyne ( for a live tour of hacking tools and techniques, designed to show the true risks of 2017 for senior managers and directors. In 30 minutes we’ll let you know the latest cyber criminal behaviours and what you can do about it to keep yourself, your family and your firm safe.

  • Date & time: 07 Jun 2017 17:30 - 19:15
  • Location: Park Plaza Hotel, Cardiff
  • Members & Guests: £10.00 + VAT
  • Non-Members: £15.00 + VAT
  • Event manager: Ms Deborah Trotman
  • Contact phone: 02920389990
  • Contact email:

This event is kindly sponsored by the University of South Wales.

To Register visit the event page at

Information provided by Jonathan Gillet, Marketing Executive, Bowden Jones Solicitors.

Exhibit at InfoSecurity Europe - Event: 6th June 2017

InfoSec is Europe's number one Information Security event. Featuring over 350 exhibitors, the most diverse range of new products and services, an unrivalled education programme and over 15,000 unique visitors from every segment of the industry, it is the most important date in the calendar for Information Security professionals across Europe.

For the 5th year, Welsh Government will have an exhibition stand at the event staffed with representatives from their Business Development and Inward Investment teams from Wales, London and Brussels.

Once again, Welsh Government is inviting members of the North and South Wales Cyber Clusters to pop along to their stand where you’ll be welcome to display your printed marketing literature, meet with potential customers, run laptop presentations etc. or simply rest your feet and charge your phone!

Space is obviously limited, so if you do plan to drop off literature or would like to reserve a table to meet with a customer, please contact Neil Sandford in advance on 07769 883253 or

Digital Literacy Project Event, USW - Event: 5th June 2017

The Faculty of Computing, Engineering and Science at the University of South Wales have been looking at how they can engage with children beyond their normal target audience to encourage more interest in the younger generation.

To kick start this, on June 5th they have 400 children from St Julian’s primary, St Julian’s High and Glan Usk on campus to work on a cyber related digital literacy project.

As always, members of the South Wales Cyber Security Cluster are more than welcome to come along and see what’s happening and please feel free to pass on the message to anyone you feel would have an interest.

For more information, contact Dr Eric Llewellyn, on 01443 483791 or

USW Capture the Flag Competition - Deadline: 20th May 2017

University of South Wales are running a competition as part of the Cyber Security Challenge series.

Come and compete against other University teams in a Capture the Flag competition devised and run by the Whitehatters Academy and Raytheon Cyber.

Entry is in teams of 4. This CTF is a series of jeopardy games and challenges for novices.

Where? University of South Wales (USW) Treforest, Pontypridd, CF37 1DL, Room TRJ233

When? Saturday 20th May 2017 1000-1600

Lunch will be provided.

To sign up please contact:

Innovate UK’s Emerging and Enabling funding competition - Deadline: 10th May 2017

Innovation funding available for Enabling technologies that can demonstrate a step change in performance and the potential to disrupt existing industrial approaches, such as, machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), cybersecurity, data analytics, big data, distributed ledger technology, Internet of Things (IoT), virtual reality, satellite applications, electronics, sensors, photonics and robotics.

Alongside any disruptive emerging technology in energy harvesting, imaging technologies, graphene, biological computing or biofilms.


Projects should last between 6 months and 3 years. Projects are expected to range in total costs between £35,000 and £2 million.

For technical feasibility studies and industrial research, you could get:

  • up to 70% of your eligible project costs if you are a micro/small business
  • up to 60% if you are a medium-sized business
  • up to 50% if you are a large business

For experimental development projects which are nearer to market, you could get:

  • up to 45% of your eligible project costs if you are a micro/small business
  • up to 35% if you are a medium-sized business
  • up to 25% if you are a large business


The competition opens on 6th March and will receive applications until 10th May 2017.


Innovation Point are here to help increase your chances of securing the funding you need to grow. Please contact us about this and other funding opportunities to discuss how we can help you:

Roger Hiscott, Head of Business Development

Email: Tel: 07973 122 295 Web:

Wales Space Exhibition, Cardiff - Event: 5th April 2017

Cardiff City Stadium

Wednesday 5 April 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Airbus Defence and Space and Thales Alania Space are among speakers confirmed for the Wales Space Exhibition to be held at Cardiff City Stadium on 5 April.

Martin Lee from the bids and programmes procurement team, will represent Airbus Defence and Space who are actively seeking SME’s in Wales to deliver a value added contribution in:

  • Spin-in technologies
  • ALM / 3D Printing
  • Contract Electronics Manufacturing
  • Graphene applications
  • Novel energy sources
  • Photonics
  • Data analytics
  • Machine learning
  • High performance computing

Thales Alania Space and Airbus Defence and Space join the UK Space Agency, Satellite Applications Catapult, Innovate UK, the Knowledge Transfer Network, Wales Space Group (WASP) and others at the event.

The event is open to all technology companies in Wales with an appetite to work in the sector, especially if you work in software technologies: big data, analytics, internet of things, and cyber-security.

The UK space industry is reaching out to the technology sector in Wales to develop partnerships in this high-tech, fast-growth sector. Book your place today and be one of those partners.

Book to attend here

If you would like to exhibit then please contact by 21 March.

Information provided by Sian Jones, ESNR-Sectors & Business-ICT Sector, Welsh Government.

Capital Law - Invitation to cyber event, Cardiff - Event: 29th March 2017

Cluster member Nick de Figueiredo of Capital Law would like to invite you all to an event titled "Cyber Security - how to protect your business and people" which is being run at their offices in Tyndall Street, Cardiff on 29th March, 09:00 - 12:30.

Full details can be found at

Welsh Government - Invitation to exhibit at the DSEI event, London - Deadline: 24th March 2017

Please click here for an invitation for your company to submit an expression of interest (EOI) to attend and exhibit on the Welsh Government stand at the DSEI event, which will take place in the ExCel in London between 12-15th September 2017.

f you are interested, complete and return the attached form to Richard Hearne ( and copy Neil Sandford ( by 24th March 2017 so that each application can be considered in detail.

Welsh Government are hoping to confirm decisions on all EOIs by the end of March and they will advise you if this date changes.

It is likely that it will cost each company between £500-£1,000 to exhibit.

Information provided by Neil Sandford, Business Development Manager – ICT Inward Investment, Welsh Government.

SFBW - Invitation to LinkedIn breakfast and networking event, The Orbit Centre, Merthyr Tydfil - Event: 15th March 2017

We'd like to invite you all and your colleagues to a special LinkedIn breakfast meeting and networking event we're running in Merthyr on 15th March, 8am - 10am.

This is an added value event which is being run in addition to our event programme. It is open to Local Authorities, other public sector, banks, accountants, and any organisation which provides a service to businesses as well businesses themselves.

I've attached the bilingual event flyer - can you please forward the flyer to your colleagues and partners within your organisations and also out to your networks and businesses?

We hope that you are all able to attend. Booking is online via

Information provided by David Elsmere, Partnership Manager, Superfast Business Wales.

Opportunity to Exhibit on the UK Pavilion at RSA 2017 in San Francisco - Event: 17th February 2017

A space has become available at late notice to exhibit on the UK Pavilion at RSA 2017 which takes place in San Francisco, 13-17 February.

RSA is the world’s largest cyber security conference and trade event, with 35,000+ visitors and 500+ vendors.

The cost to exhibit on the UK pavilion is £5,000 per company and applicants must be UK-based cyber security organisations who have not exhibited at RSA before or are not currently contracted directly with RSA to exhibit in 2017.

For further information or to express an interest, please contact me by email at

Information provided by Andy Williams, Cyber Envoy, Defense and Security Organisation, DIT.

South by South West (SxSW) event panelist needed - 10th March 2017

Another opportunity has come up working with our Welsh Government colleagues in the US.

The opportunity would be relatively cheap – the event side of things would be looked after and we can explore opportunities to contribute to the T&S side. Is this something that would be of interest to the Cluster members.

I appreciate that we haven’t got much to go on in terms of info to publicise the opportunity, but we’re trying to react to the opportunity from our end. In essence we’re asking if anyone is interested in going to SXSW in March to talk about Cyber and Wales, have a nice time and see if they can do any business. Details to be finalised…

Just wanted to mention that the portion of SXSW that we’d be looking at is Interactive, dates March 10-14. We could look to do our panel event one of the earlier days so as to not overlap too much with CyberUK.

As a bit of background on the context of the activity surrounding this:

The GREAT campaign and DIT are sponsoring an official SXSW venue at Interactive, a “house” with 5 days of programming. It will be a hub for showcasing British tech, creativity and culture. This is DIT led with partners such as last year’s London & Partners, Invest Northern Ireland, TechCity, TechNorth and this year likely Scottish Development International and ourselves.

SXSW Interactive gets 34,000 attendees and SXSW altogether draws 85,000 participants from 85 countries to Austin. The UK has been the single largest international delegation, with more than 1,500+ attending in the past. The conference is a vehicle to highlight ‘the next big thing’ in technology and innovation and cybersecurity is a frequent topic for many of the sessions and events. It’s a great opportunity to showcase cybersecurity in Wales on the UK platform, with relatively little cost.

US contact is Erica Stevens, Senior Representative, Welsh Government, British Consulate-General, 133 Peachtree St NE Suite 3400 Atlanta, GA 30303, E:

If you, or one of your associates, can attend this event in the USA then please contact Jonathan Fortune, Strategy Manager ICT for Welsh Government on

Mobile World Congress, Barcelona - Event: 27th February 2017

Are you interested in next generation technology? The latest mobile innovations? Do you want to discover how Mobile Technology can help your business? Then visit the Mobile World Congress as the World’s largest gathering for the Mobile Industry, organised by the GSMA and held in the Mobile World Capital Barcelona, 27th Feb – 2nd March 2017. To find out more

Welsh Government will be present at the event in partnership with the Department of International Trade therefore please get in touch to discuss how you could get involved in our networking events.

Overseas Business Development Visit support is available – an OBDV can provide support and assistance to companies (SME and large) to carry out international trade development activities and projects.

Welsh Government are not taking a trade mission in 2017, but they will have a presence on the DfIT stand and are offering companies support through the Overseas Business Development Visit programme to attend. Through OBDV they can contribute up to 50% of travel and subsistence costs for the show.

For further information of the support available please contact Jonathan Fortune, Strategy Manager ICT for Welsh Government on

Petition to Parliament to guide BRexit - Open until: 12th January 2017

UK access to EU R&D programmes stimulates £billions of investment and gives the UK access to skills and technologies that it does not have. Ending our access to these programmes will weaken our economy which depends on exploitation of innovative science and technology.

If you have an interest in EU funding for research and innovation this may be relevant to you.

The BRexit negotiators could request associate country status as part of the deal, preserving much of the value of the collaborations. Of course, the UK could replace the funding lost from the EU, but it cannot replace the research collaboration with like-minded researchers across the EU. They would have no incentive to collaborate with UK researchers without financial incentives. The UK would thus lose influence and damage an economy dependent on ideas generation and exploitation.

A petition has been set up to maintain UK access to the EU R&D programmes – if interested click on this link to sign the petition

Information provided by Professor Andrew Blyth, PhD. Director of the Information Security Research Group, University of South Wales.

Cyber Security Degree Apprenticeship Comments - Open until: 2nd January 2017

The Tech Partnership has published the draft standard for a pioneering Degree Apprenticeship in Cyber Security, and is now looking for feedback from employers and other interested parties.

The proposed new apprenticeship will allow employers, for the first time, to take on bright school leavers and train them up as cyber specialists to degree level. Successful candidates will spend between three and five years combining on the job training and academic study, and graduate with a BSc (Honours) as a Cyber Security Technology Professional.

Roles likely to be filled by Cyber Security Degree Apprentices include Cyber Risk Management, Cyber Systems Architect, and Cyber Deep Technology Analyst.

The closing date for contributions is Monday 2 January 2017. Click here to view the standard and comment.

Information provided by Damon Rands, Managing Director, Wolfberry IT Security.

International Cyber Security Forum - Deadline: 8th December 2016

The next edition of the International Cyber Security Forum takes place in Lille on 24 & 25 January 2017. This is the largest cyber security exhibition in France so it will give UK companies good exposure to the French market.

DIT France has worked with the organisers to negotiate a special offer for UK companies (€3500 instead of €5000 to exhibit).

Stand space is selling out faster than in previous years so I would encourage interested companies to contact as soon as possible to avoid disappointment

Information provided by Philip Heald, Cyber Security Exports Advisor - Gulf Region, Cyber Security Export Team, Defence & Security Organisation, Department for International Trade.

The Cheltenham Cyber Hub relaunch event - Event: 1st December 2016

After 9 months out, the Cheltenham Cyber Tech Hub are resuming their meetup event with added impetus.

There are 55 people already confirmed and details can be found here:

The focus of the group is 4-fold:

  • SMEs: Provide a collaboration and support network for small and startup Cyber companies locally
  • Investors and Business Support: Provide “shop front” for suitable Investors and trusted local businesses (legal, insurance, accountants, etc.) who can actively support and invest in these companies
  • Government and Academia: Provide a direct communication path for GCHQ (and Cyber Accelerator), local Government and Universities to support and communicate relevant updates and support opportunities
  • Industry: encourage trusted corporates and established businesses to actively engage with, collaborate, support and potentially invest in small, growing SMEs

Information provided by Duncan McDonald, Operations Director, IRM Security.

Request for B-to-B event - European Cyber Week - 23-24 November 2016

Dear colleague from South Wales,

On the 23rd and 24th of November, DG GROW (European Commission) will organize in Rennes (France), in partnership with the Bretagne region and its agency Bretagne Développement Innovation, a european B-to-B event, during the European Cyber Week in Rennes (France).

You can register on the platform:

Besides, a scientific event will occur at the same time, with plenary conferences. The agenda is available on

Lastly, a symposium relating to the regional strategies of civil/military dual-use, will be also organized during this Cyber week, in the framework of the European Network of Defence-related Regions. This symposium will focus on a session known as “peer review” during which regional representatives will present the development and key elements of their regional dual-use and cybersecurity strategy. It will provide an excellent opportunity to exchange best practices and get information on the latest policy developments. The meeting will also be held in English. The agenda:

If you are interested by these events, we would be glad to provide you further information.

Sébastien CHÂBLE

Chargé de mission projets européens

European project development

+33 (0)2 99 67 71 14

Showcasing the UK´s Cyber Security Capabilities in The Netherlands - 29-30 November 2016


Welsh Government have secured an exhibition stand at the attached event and where we plan to push the Wales Cyber Security Cluster expertise and the ‘why invest in Wales’ message.

Full details can be found here

It sounds like an excellent business development opportunity for cluster members and relatively straight forward and in expensive to get to compared to other European events. It would be great to have some members on the stand!

Any chance you can push out to the North & South Clusters.

Neil Sandford

Business Development Manager – ICT Inward Investment

Department of Economy and Infrastructure

Tel +44 (0) 7769 883253


Cyber Security: Opportunities and Threats conference free exhibition stands - Event: 13th October 2016

As part of European Cyber Security Month, the CHERISH-DE Centre is hosting a conference and accompanying exhibition Cyber Security: Threats and Opportunities.

The informative, engaging event has an over-arching theme of how organisations should align their skills and infrastructure with Cabinet Office advice with regards to cyber security (The UK Cyber Security Strategy).

Speakers include:

  • Cabinet Office (tbc)
  • Andy Greene, Aprose Risk
  • Damon Rands (live hacks)
  • TARIAN, South Wales Police Cyber Security Unit
  • Exhibitor speed talks including GSW Connections, ABMU Healthboard and DVL


Thursday, 13 October 2016 from 09:00 to 16:00 (BST)


Liberty Stadium - Landore, SA1 2FA

Eventbrite page, where cluster members can register to attend and/or exhibit

Information provided by Kelvin Jones, Accelero Digital Solutions Ltd.

Scholarships for both PhD and MRes studentship projects. - Deadline: 10th October 2016

The next CALL FOR PROPOSALS under the KESS II Programme is now open

The Knowledge Economy Skills Scholarships (KESS) II programme supports Doctoral and Research Masters awards in Welsh Universities,jointly sponsored by external partners based in the Convergence areas of Wales. KESS II is funded under the European Structural Investment Funds – ESF Programme through the Welsh European Funding Office (WEFO). The programme is a collaboration between all Welsh Universities, led by Bangor University. The programme is likely to run for 7 years (2015-22), supporting an allocation of 35 PhD and 29 MRes scholarships at USW.

There will be both PhD and MRes Studentships available under this competitive call (Limited number of PhD scholarships remaining. A large allocation of MRes scholarships are still available.)

KESS is closely aligned to meeting the higher-level skills needs of Welsh Government’s grand challenge areas, and will prioritise project proposals in the following sectors:

  • ICT and the Digital Economy
  • Low Carbon, Energy & Environment
  • Advanced Engineering and Materials
  • Life Sciences and Health

Please note, there is additional eligibility and approval criteria for this competitive call, including internal and external approval criteria.

Further information, including the full application package, is now available via our website

Byte Night - the Cluster sleeping rough for charity - Event: 7th October 2016

At the July meeting, Cluster member Mark Edwards from Capital Networks presented a wonderful opportunity for the Cluster to do something for charity and have some fun at the same time.

Have you heard of Byte Night? It is the technology and business industry sleep out event in aid of Action for Children and quite a few technology and other big companies are taking part (including Capital Networks, Acorn Recruitment, KPMG, Spindogs, BT, Admiral and Cap Gemini).

Byte Night has been running for 19 years and raises funds and awareness to tackle the root causes of youth homelessness. Since the event began, it has raised over £8.4 million for Action for Children - last year raising over £1 million!

Sadly homelessness is a reality for many young people across the UK and it is estimated up to 100,000 young people were homeless last year. Unfortunately, 1 in 3 homeless young people will attempt suicide and 1 in 7 will have been physically or sexually assaulted resulting in them ending up on the street

To raise funds and awareness of this pertinent issue, this year the sleep out will take place on October 7th at 10 locations across the UK: Edinburgh, Belfast, Thames Valley, Cambridge, London, the North West, South West, North East, Midlands and of course, in the Wales. This will be the first Byte Night Wales event, so we need your help make this first year a great success!

In Wales, Action for Children are aiming to have 145 sleepers taking part; they ask each sleeper to raise £500 each, or £2500 for a team of 5, and they provide fundraising tips, materials and support to help sleepers reach their target.

Here is a video from last year’s event which gives a fantastic insight into Byte Night.

For further details please visit the Byte Night website

To register for the event go to You are able to register as an individual or create a team of your own (if your business wants to enter a team). However, the Cluster has also formed a team and if you'd like to join that then please make sure you look for the South Wales Cyber Security Cluster in the "Company" drop down menu in Step 2 and then select "Individual" in Step 4.

If you are unable to attend but you'd like to support the Cluster Team members then please feel free to sponsor us at

Breakfast Networking Opportunity at Malvern Festival of Innovation - Event: 6th October 2016

During October the Malvern Festival of Innovation will be taking place and on the 6th October they will be focussing on Cyber Security and IoT. The day is going to bring together like-minded individuals and companies to discuss various topics within the industry. Some of the key note speakers will be Mike Gillespie (Advent IM LTD), Professor Colin O’Halloran (D-RisQ LTD), Zubair Khan (Tranchulas) and Irra Ariella Khi (Vchain Tech). Here’s a link to the day -

On the 6th October, IntaPeople is pleased to be hosting a VIP breakfast and panel discussion around skill shortages in cyber security. The expert panel includes:

  • Nicola Whiting, COO at Titania - a rapid growth, award-winning software house, will be discussing how the use of language within cyber security can alienate the public and how this can impact attracting the best talent
  • Stuart Lewis, Head of Cyber Security at the University of South Wales, will cover how the university are preparing students for a career in cyber security.
  • Ian Blackburn, Head of Delivery at IntaPeople, cyber security recruitment specialists, will be talking about the talent shortage and how we are able to find the skills that companies require.
  • A member of the Cyber Security Challenge UK, will be talking about their approach to the skill shortage and how they are looking to boost the national pool of Cyber Skills through events.

If you are interested in attending please click here to register and we look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible.

Panel Expert needed in Philadelphia - Event: 6th October 2016

The British American Business Council are looking for a cyber securty expert, from Wales, to take part in a panel discussion in Philadelphia.

The event, titled Once More Unto the Breach: Cybersecurity Trends & Initiatives is a breakfast networking session which includes a panel discussion where experts will discuss current pressing cybersecurity issues affecting the US and the UK; recent regulations; what you need to know and do to safeguard your company; and what you can expect from government regulations in both the short and long term.

The request has come from Jonathan Walters, Deputy Head of North America for Welsh Government who is based in Washington DC.

If you, or one of your associates, can attend this event in the USA then please contact Jonathan Fortune, Strategy Manager ICT for Welsh Government on

Cluster member needs your votes! - Deadline: 5th October 2016

Arrow Value Recovery has been selected by Computing Security as a finalist for the Secure Data Erasure Company of the Year 2016 and the winners will be selected through a voting system.

Cluster member Lance Channon has made an appeal to see if fellow members of the Cyber Security Cluster would like to vote for Arrow.

If so, the link is:

You're invited to Armed Forces Pathway schemes - Launch Event - 29th September 2016

Event to be held at the following time, date and location:


Thursday, 29 September 2016 from 17:00 to 21:00 (BST)

Coleg Y Cymoedd

Parc Nantgarw



CF15 7QX

Rhondda Cynon Taf

If you would like to learn more about the Armed Forces Pathway schemes and how your organisation can partner with defence in Wales, then why not join us at our Armed Forces Pathways launch event.

  • 17:00 - Opportunity to network and visit military stands
  • 18:00 - Launch presentations
  • 19:00 — Curry Supper with further opportunity to network and visit stand

Please register your attendance

or contact Major Craig Middle


Tel: 07720038283

UKTI DSO - How to Win Business in the Defence & Security Markets-Airbus - 13th September 2016

The UKTI Defence & Security Organisation is delighted to offer you the chance to visit one of our biggest and most prestigious defence & security companies – Airbus, Defence & Space - to learn more about HM Government’s support for UK SMEs in the defence/security markets. Airbus Defence & Space will be our hosts at their Broughton site on Tuesday 13 September 2016 for a day of Government and Industry presentations, networking and hands-on opportunities all designed to increase your sales potential. The cost of this event will be £72 (incl VAT)

The attached promotional flyer provides full details of the event and what it has to offer.

To register please complete the Security questionnaire below and send to Successful applicants will be sent a link to make an online payment.

Airbus have kindly allocated a limited number of car parking bays for this event which can be booked on a first come, first served basis. Please include your requirements and information on the form below.

2 Wish Upon a Star Event Sponsorship Opportunity - Event: 13th August 2016

You may be aware of a South Wales based charity called 2 Wish Upon A Star. It was established in 2012 following the sudden death of my son George and husband Paul. Our aims are to support families who lose a child suddenly and traumatically in Wales.

We work predominantly with Emergency Units and Critical Care Departments to offer support immediately to families and are there to support for as long as they need a hand on their shoulder.

We have been lucky enough to be awarded a community day at the Principality Stadium on Saturday 13th August. We are attempting a world record of the number of people dressed as elephants in one place and are expecting at least 2000 elephants – which will be the largest community event to be held at the stadium this year . The attempt has been accepted by Guinness and the planning is now underway. You are probably wondering why elephants? Gorgeous George is not only our elephant mascot named after my son George but elephants never forget and the topic of child death is often seen as the elephant in the room. We hope to use this event as a huge awareness raising campaign and will be inviting children from every primary school and youth group across Wales. The event is to be launched on Monday 20th June at the stadium.

We are currently looking for sponsors for the event and thought you may be able to help. To have an official adjudicator from Guinness there on the day and for them to support with the planning it will cost us £6000 and £600 for the stewards. This money will have to come out of our charity pot unless we find a generous donation and a wonderful company to support us. We would also love you to be involved on the day.

I was wondering if this is something you possibly would consider. I am more than happy to pop along and have a chat about the event at your convenience.

Your support would mean so much to us all.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Rhian Burke 01443 853125

Digital 2016 Exhibition Stands - Event: 6th June 2016

The Digital2016 website is now live and open for expressions of interest and Cluster members have been granted a reduced rate of £1,300 + VAT for their stands. This is a discount of £450 off the list price, or just over 25%.

Follow this link ( to register your interest in exhibiting. In order to access this rate, once you have followed the link below, you should start your message with the wording "Cyber Sec Cluster Discount".

This offer is strictly limited to members of the cluster and is not transferable.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch with Mike Walmsley or the Sponsorship and Exhibition Sales team on 02920 100 888

Atradius looking for a Security Analyst - Deadline: ASAP

Atradius has an internal IT Services (ITS) department that covers the full range of ICT support, including IS development, IT deployment, and operations. Within that department, we are recruiting for the role of Senior Information Security Analyst, reporting to the Group Information Security Manager.

Atradius ( is a leading credit insurer with a total revenue of around €1.6 billion and a worldwide market share of 31%. With 160 offices in over 40 countries, Atradius employs 3,500 committed and knowledgeable professionals who are responsible for servicing customers worldwide. We have access to credit information on more than 52 million companies worldwide and will make more than 22,000 credit limit decisions daily.

Interested parties should contact: with the subject line, “Senior Information Security Analyst”, a copy of their CV and covering letter.

IAC Open Day Exhibition Opportunities - Event: 11th-12th May 2016

IAC is one of the leading industrial control systems integrators in the UK, with operations world-wide. The company operates from a modern facility in Newport, South Wales, employing over 65 people at this site and another 30 around the world.

Now in its 12th year the IAC open day has established itself as the national control systems exhibition of Wales. Bringing together key suppliers of state of the art equipment, we are proud to offer you an invitation to this exclusive event.

With a defined focus on the issues of this dynamic and fast growing sector, the IAC exhibition offers an unparalleled platform to meet with engineers, managers and key decision makers. With its full programme throughout the two day event offering opportunities to meet and do business with contacts from across the region and beyond.

Previous attendees include: 3Phase Design, Aerospace Wales, AG Electrical, Amazon, Anstee & Ware, APD Ltd, AWE, BAE, Catalent Pharma Solutions, Celsa, Distec, DNV GL, Dwr Cymru Welsh Water, Eastman, Enersys, ETA, Evoqua, Halo Foods, Hollingsworth and Vose, Ilecsys, IMTECH, Industry Wales, JWM, Kerrco Automation, Knauf Insulation, Knight Prescision Tooling, Mercurious, Motion 29 Ltd, Murray Controls, NE UK, Orb Electrical Steel, Origin Fertilisers, Ovivo, Pamargan, Parkegate, Parker Environ, Princess Soft Drinks, Proctors, Royal Mint, SAT Automations, SEM services, Siemens Metal Technologies, Simataic, SPS Electronic, Tata Steel, Terasaki, The Bristol Port company, Tri-Wall, TWI Ltd, Tycon, Wessex Water.

Theer are exhibition spaces available and with a choice of 3 different exhibition packages the open day has plenty of flexibility to suit your budget.

  • £350 - 2.7m x 1.5m Stand, 2 tickets to exhibit and to the dinner on Tuesday evening
  • £460 - 3m x 3m Stand, 3 tickets to exhibit and to the dinner on Tuesday evening
  • £730 - 5m x 3m Stand, 5 tickets to exhibit and to the dinner on Tuesday evening

For further details please contact Kath Lewis on 01633 293000 or e-mail

Knowledge Economy Skills Scholarships (KESS) Call for Proposals - Deadline: 22nd April 2016

I am pleased to announce the next CALL FOR PROPOSALS under the new KESS II Programme is now open.

The Knowledge Economy Skills Scholarships (KESS) II programme will support Doctoral and Research Masters awards in Welsh Universities, jointly sponsored by external partners based in the Convergence areas of Wales.

KESS II will be funded under the European Structural Investment Funds – ESF Programme through the Welsh European Funding Office (WEFO). The programme is a collaboration between all Welsh Universities, led by Bangor University – University of South Wales is a partner. The programme is likely to run for 7 years (2015-22), supporting a total of 35 PhD and 29 MRes scholarships at University of South Wales.

Please note that there will be both PhD and MRes studentships available. Further information can be found at the following link: Please note that to qualify you must be located in the convergence zone.

The Information Security Research group at the University of South Wales would like to collaborate with members of the South Wales Cyber Cluster on PhD/MRes relating to cyber security and computer forensics. Should any member of the South Wales Cyber Cluster wish to collaborate then please contact Professor Andrew Blyth at

Indian Cyber Security Delegation - 14th April 2016

There is a large (about 25 people) senior cyber security delegation from India who are visiting the UK because they want to set up Cyber Security Clusters across their country. They are visiting Malvern to find out more about us on 14th April.

I am hoping to persuade them to let us help them set up Clusters and use the CyberCollaborate platform too - then we can start to get collaboration and partnerships (and sales). It is also a great opportunity to showcase our great technology and capabilities to these senior people.

I am not sure of the times for the event or exactly where it will be held – I have asked QinetiQ if we can use their facilities but not heard back yet.

I am hoping for an agenda something like this:

  • Welcome and introduction – the host
  • Overview of UK Cyber Security Forum – Emma Philpott
  • Running a Cluster – John Davies (Welsh Cluster Manager)
  • 4 x 10 minute pitches from the small companies (2 from Malvern and 2 from Wales)
  • lunch and networking with as many as possible SMEs having pull-up banners around the room

I am sorry about the uncertainty about the times / location but we do need some idea of the companies involved by the end of next week.

If you would like to be part of this event then please email me with a brief (100 words) overview of your company.

Let me know if you have any questions! (

Alert Logic Cyber Security Now Event - 23rd March 2016

Alert Logic are pleased to announce the return of Cyber Security Now, a free annual independent meet-up in South Wales. Due to the success of last year’s event we are delighted to reveal that this year there will be two tracks of content running simultaneously; cyber security alongside DevOps.


DevOps track

Session 1 - Jeremey Barrett, Principal Engineer

Microservices are becoming a popular paradigm in software engineering; they sound compelling on paper and provide many obvious advantages for separation of concerns, system availability, and enabling devops practices. However, they come with a set of foundational challenges that must be addressed in order to realise those benefits.

In this talk Jeremey will present what we have found to be the cornerstones to an effective, practical microservices architecture and our specific choices for implementation of each.

Session 2 - Jakub Kubiak, Senior Engineer

Many modern development technologies tend to claim their functional orientation, optimisation for concurrency, high-availability, fault tolerance, etc. Nowadays developers meet all those buzz words almost everywhere even when it comes to what is naturally a scripting language. However, do we really have good examples of having that mix implemented in the same core technology and available to you out of the box? Erlang is not the ideal instrument though, but may serve as a good example of such a thing.

Jakub will take a deep dive into the question of “Why Erlang is awesome and why companies chose it”.


Cyber security track

Session 1 – Jon Davies, Director at Pervade Software

This presentation will explore the latest trend in intelligent attacks that are invisible to modern threat detection technologies.

Since 2010 we have seen an increase in the number attack vectors that are specifically designed to evade traditional corporate security strategies. This talk will look closely at the anatomy of 2 example attacks, explain why they would go undetected using today’s threat detection technologies and explore enhancements that could be made in order to detect such attacks.

Whilst this talk will provide a technical “deep dive” into each attack based on the research of Mendicant/FireEye and Pervade Software the talk as a whole will be suitable for people of all levels of technical knowledge and will finish with a question and answer session.

Session 2 - Industry experts

A live demonstration of what a cyber-attack looks like. How do hackers do it, how easy it is to find information, what toolsets are out there and more importantly why do they do what they do?

This session is an informative, open discussion and we welcome the views and opinions of anyone who would like to attend.

The content of these sessions are individual opinions and not the view of the companies the individuals work for.


Schedule of events

  • 17:30 Arrival
  • 18:00 Introductions
  • 18:15 Session 1
  • 19:00 Break with beer and pizza
  • 19:30 Session 2

Venue: Alert Logic European Headquarters, Floor 5, 1 Capital Quarter, Tyndall Street, Cardiff, CF10 4BZ


This event is free to attend

Book your place today at

March Cluster meetings will merge with Horizon 2020 Annual Event - Event 17th March 2016

Horizon 2020 is the biggest European Union (EU) research and innovation programme. It is aimed at securing the global competitiveness of Europe. The programme focuses on excellence in science, industrial leadership and tackling societal challenges. The goal is to ensure Europe produces world-class science, removes barriers to innovation and makes it easier for public and private sectors to work together.

The Welsh European Funding Office (WEFO) have set up a Horizon 2020 Unit specifically tasked with managing the delivery of the EU Structural Funds programmes. The Unit was set up in January 2013 as part of the Research & Innovation Branch of WEFO's ERDF Division in anticipation of the increasing emphasis on synergies between the ESI funds and Horizon 2020. The Unit works closely with key stakeholders in Wales, the UK and Europe to co-ordinate and facilitate actions that will maximise the Horizon 2020 opportunities for Welsh organisations.

WEFO commissioned CM International to carry out a Scoping Study in 2014 into how best to support Welsh organisations to maximise their uptake of Horizon 2020. The Study's recomendations are being taken forward by the Unit under five key objectives:

  • Build a 'stairway to excellence' - using ESIF to build capacity for accessing Horizon 2020;
  • Increase the engagement and success of businesses - targetted support mechanisms for businesses using ESIF (SMART Innovation);
  • Develop a Horizon 2020 culture and comminuty in Wales - events and communication activity, including an annual Horizon 2020 event;
  • Maximise the impact of existing and emerging support - best practice network and other engagement; and
  • Support and develop our experts and evaluators - develop a community of practice for Welsh Horixon 2020 experts and evaluators.

It is expected that these objectives and associated actions will help increase both the number of Welsh organisations applying to Horizon 2020 and the success rate of those that do.

The Unit hosted Wales' first Annual Horizon 2020 Event in February 2015. With the theme of "Building a stairway to excellence in Wales – maximising the impact of EU funding for research and innovation", the event not only set the scene in terms of the strategic approach to research and innovation in Wales but also the practical support available for Welsh oganisations to access Horizon 2020. This support includes SCoRE Cymru (Supporting Collaborative Research and innovation in Europe), which as part of the 'stairway to excellence' has committed over £150,000 to support around 40 organisations with the travel and bid-writing costs involved in developing Horizon 2020 applications. 76% per cent of this funding has gone to Welsh SMEs.

The 2016 Horizon 2020 Event is being held in March at the Future Inns, Cardiff Bay and will have the theme "Strategies for Success". Researchers, businesses, public bodies, practitioners and policy makers alike will have an opportunity to hear from key note speakers and an expert panel during the morning to highlight some of Wales' early successes under the EU's largest research funding programme, whilst also providing a unique opportunity to explore the strategies for success. It should inspire experienced campaigners and those with hidden potential to pursue the many opportunities available from Horizon 2020, as well as other EU funds that support research and innovation.

The afternoon will offer detailed H2020 workshops on:

  • Advanced Materials and Manufacturing - Jointly organised with Welsh Higher Education Brussels;
  • Eurostars Programme - Jointly organised with the Enterprise Europe Network Wales; and
  • Cyber Security - Jointly organised with Innovation Point and the Welsh Cyber Security Clusters.

We are taking this invitation to stage an H2020 workshop on Cyber Security as an opportunity to bring the South Wales Cyber Security Cluster and the North Wales Cyber Security Cluster together for the first time and to run a series of talks aimed specifically at how the Welsh Cyber Security community can target, bid for and win available European funding.

More details and registration information will follow.

An opportunity to meet with the US Department of Defence - 16th March 2016

Information provided by Neil Sandford, Business Development Manager – ICT Inward Investment, Welsh Government


Trust all is well and thought the following maybe of interest

To coincide with the MOD Defence Procurement, Research, Technology & Exportability (DPRTE) event on 16thMarch 2016 at the Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff ( we've been advised that the MOD's Defence Trade Office at the UK Embassy in Washington is coordinating a visit by the US Department of Defence's Comparative Technology Office (CTO).

The CTO manages the US Foreign Comparative Testing and Rapid Innovation Fund programmes. The purpose of the visit is to facilitate contact between UK suppliers and the US Department of Defence open to acquiring UK equipment.

The delegation will include Colonel Scott Wallace – Director of the Comparative Technology Office, and representatives from the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Special Operations Command etc.

The delegation will spend some time at the DPRTE conference on the morning of the 16th March and will hold one-to-one meetings with selected companies at the arena.

In addition, on the evening of the 16th March, Welsh Government is hosting a Reception at the St David's Hotel in Cardiff which will give further opportunity for invited Welsh companies to engage with the CTO team. To ensure companies get maximum exposure to the US team at the reception we are limiting total external invites to circa 35.

Please can you let know if you’d be interested in a one-to-one and/or an invite to the reception.

Entrepreneurial Skills Training Workshops - 16th March 2016

Enterprise Europe Network at Swansea University are now taking bookings for the next Entrepreneurial Skills Training Workshops which will be happening 2016:


Building, Managing and Leading Winning Teams – 16th March, 2016


You can book by clicking on the links or contacting Marie Greaves Research, Engagement and Innovation Services (REIS), Swansea University, Singleton Park, Swansea, Wales, SA2 8PP

Entrepreneurial Skills Training Workshops - 17th February & 16th March 2016

Enterprise Europe Network at Swansea University are now taking bookings for the next Entrepreneurial Skills Training Workshops which will be happening 2016:


Web Fuelled Business – 17th February, 2016


Building, Managing and Leading Winning Teams – 16th March, 2016


You can book by clicking on the links or contacting Marie Greaves Research, Engagement and Innovation Services (REIS), Swansea University, Singleton Park, Swansea, Wales, SA2 8PP

Doing Business in the US - 10th March 2016

Information provided by Jonathan Fortune, Strategy Manager – ICT, Welsh Government


South Wales Chamber of Commerce Seminar - Doing business in the US

Date: 10th March 2016

Venue: TEC Marina, Penarth, CF64 1SA

Come and find out how you can grow your business by exporting to the USA. Learn the marketing techniques to help you enter, market, locate and sell products and services in the USA more effectively.

  • 07:30 Welcome and Refreshments
  • 08:30 Introduction and Overview of Workshop – Russ Froneberger
  • 08:45 An Overview of the USA
  • 09:00 Marketing Techniques; Communication Styles - How to Find Partners; Building Trust Selling vs. Marketing – There Is a Difference
  • 10:00 Break
  • 10:30 Locating in the USA - C.A.S.E (the Council of American States in Europe)
  • 11:15 Q&A
  • 12:00 Networking Lunch
  • 13:00 Private discussions available

This event is free to attend

Book your place today at

For enquiries, please call Rebecca Davies T: 01633 242746

Exhibit free at the Cyber Security Show - 8th-9th March 2016

Information provided by Debbie Garside, MD – GeoLang


This s a short notice opportunity for a small number of Cluster members to exhibit at the Cyber Security Show (8th & 9th March) for free

If you would like a small exhibition space in the Innovation Zone ( plus up to 3 free exhibitor passes then please let me know. You must be a small, pre-profit start-up company with a product which is market ready. If you fit this criteria and would like to be considered for one of these free spaces please email me a paragraph describing your product to

Graduate Technology Recruitment Fair - 17th February 2016

10:00 to 15:30

Cardiff & Vale College City Centre Campus, Cardiff CF10 5FE


We would like to invite your company to be part of a new type of graduate recruitment fair hosted by the ESTnet on 17 February 2016.

The digital technologies industry in Wales is expanding rapidly, with 70% of companies expecting to grow in the next 2 years.

To manage this growth the industry need a pool of talented young people. The ESTnet Next Generation Graduate Recruitment Fair will bring these young people to you.

We will invite engineering, software, maths and business students from universities and colleges in Wales and West of England to Cardiff to give them an opportunity to experience the industry, to talk to you about the skills and attributes required, and for you to make first contact with a potential employee or placement.

Stands are competitively priced, with special rates for ESTnet members.

To book your place, please click here.


Information provided by: Piera Sidoli-Price, Business Development Executive ICT, South East Wales, Department for Economy, Science and Transport, Welsh Government

Opportunity to exhibit at CX2016 - Deadline 31st December 2015

CX on 5th February 2016 is not an expo, or a show! It is a carefully selected presentation of invited companies showing their latest products. The delegates and guests are also 'invited' and have been chosen from all walks of life relevant to what's been shown. The organisers have researched and identified key people from around Europe, and invite them to spend a few hours with CX companies with plenty of hospitality throughout the day.

By invitation only to companies and guests, CX 2016 showcases the latest leading and cutting edge technologies in production, R&D and OTS. As always, no press, no outsiders, just invited guests and key decision makers from the UK and European Police, Defence and Security Organisations. Already confirmed for CX 2016 are companies showcasing innovative cyber software, optics, cameras and EOD equipment.

The organisers, The Blaythorne Group, are keen to create a Cyber Security Zone at next year's event and have invited the Welsh Cyber Security Clusters to be part of that zone.

The normal price for a stand at CX for newcomers is £1,750 for 1 x 6ft table ex. VAT. In order to get a good size group of companies to attend and exhibit this price has been lowered to £800 per company.

Also, on the evening of the 4th after exhibitors have set up we have a private reception for the exhibiting companies and a very select group of invited guests. This is normally a group of roughly 50 -100 guests – diplomats, chief of police, MP's etc.

More information about the event can be found at

If you are interested in exhibiting, please let John Davies know so that we can co-ordinate a response from the Cluster.

Cyber Security Innovation Vouchers, Round 14 - Deadline 5th January 2016

Key features: Up to £5k funding for start-up, micro, small and medium-sized enterprises to work with an external expert to gain the knowledge to innovate and grow. This voucher is only for cyber security advice including advice leading to certification under the Cyber Essentials Scheme.

  • Opens: 29 Oct 2015, 09:00
  • Registration closes: No deadline
  • Closes: 05 Jan 2016, 12:00
  • Support phone number: 0300 321 4357

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport is funding a special strand of Innovation Vouchers to help UK businesses get expert advice in protecting their business from cyber crime which could help them to achieve certification under the Cyber Essentials scheme.

You can get an Innovation Voucher worth up to £5,000 to pay for an external expert. This expert will give you advice on cyber security for your business and may be able to help you acquire certification through Cyber Essentials. You can also use the voucher for advice on how to protect new business ideas and intellectual property in cyber security.

The Cyber Essentials scheme helps organisations protect themselves against common cyber attacks. It can help you develop a secure platform for your business activities. You can also get certification to show that you have taken these precautions.

You may need Cyber Essentials if you are a supplier bidding for a government contract. Since 2014, all suppliers handling sensitive and personal information need Cyber Essentials.

There are 2 levels of certification available through the scheme:

  • Cyber Essentials – an external assessor reviews your responses to a questionnaire
  • Cyber Essentials PLUS - an external assessor carries out tests of your IT security systems

If you need advice and certification you will need two separate providers. You can use an Innovation Voucher towards the cost of Cyber Essentials PLUS. You cannot use it for Cyber Essentials alone but you may be able to use it to get extra advice that leads to Cyber Essentials.

You can use an expert from one of the following:

  • universities and further education colleges
  • research and technology organisations
  • technical consultancies
  • Catapult centres
  • design advisers
  • intellectual property advisers

You can get more advice on choosing a cyber knowledge expert by downloading the guide.

Cyber Security Workshop at Innovation Point - Event 27th January 2016

The Innovation Point team have invited Cluster members to attend a Cyber Security Workshop - identifying and shaping project(s) leading to EU Horizon 2020 funding bids.

The aim of the workshop is:

To Identify and generate project ideas that can seek to address the key problem areas around the theme areas of the security of:

  • a) Internet of Things, and/or
  • b) Personal Data and Trust, and

which offer business benefit that could be used to attract focussed funding from among a variety of sources including UK central government and the EU Horizon 2020 programme


  • To bring together problem owners (business working in the relevant industries, domains and markets), innovators (technology specialists) and thought-leading stakeholders to generate business-case led propositions around which attendees would be willing to form collaborative Horizon 2020 projects;
  • To indicate companies that would be willing to lead a project bid;
  • To discuss more widely the relevant problem owner’s businesses, and seek to identify other business-case led propositions which may be used to stimulate future calls;
  • To agree a process for selecting appropriate calls, and schedule a further meeting to process a shortlist

Event to be held at the following time, date and location:

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

from 10:30 to 13:00 (GMT)

Innovation Point Ltd

11 Devon Place


NP20 4NW

Parking at Devon Place is limited but we are 90 second walk from Newport Station


Competition to pitch at the Global Cyber Security Summit - Deadline 19th November 2015

Win a slot to pitch during the Innovators Showcase, at the Global Cyber Security Innovation Summit, presented by SINET, British Museum, from the 26th to 27th January 2016

The Department for Culture, Media & Sport has launched a competition to identify 4 UK cyber security businesses, with innovative technology / services interested in pitching during the Innovators Showcase at the Global Cyber Security Summit, presented by SINET.

The Global Cyber Security Summit aims to stimulate cyber security innovation and support the growth of the UK cyber security sector through providing an opportunity for organisations to connect with decision makers from Industry and both the US and UK Governments. it will also allow attendees to meet and connect with potential funders and develop new domestic and international partnerships that can lead to new business opportunities in the UK and US. The event is supported by both the US and UK Governments.

14 companies will feature during the Innovators Showcase, which will be split over two sessions on 27th January. 5 companies will feature from the UK and USA, with 4 from other countries. The chosen companies will have 4 minutes to present their technological solutions to representatives from the ecosystem of the entrepreneur: venture capital, investment banking, system integration, academia, science, legal, policy, private industry and officials from participating governments. The Showcase's objective is to increase awareness of innovative solutions that may lead to an investment in, or the purchase of, advanced technologies or services.

Further information about the event at -

How to enter, process and timing:-

  • 1. Complete entry form (available to download) return to by Thursday, 19th November 2015 @ 15:00 UK time
  • 2. Applications will be reviewed by a panel of judges and 4 companies will be selected to feature at the event as part of the UK entry.
  • 3. Companies will be informed of the status of their application by end November/early December 2015.
  • 4. Please see full Terms and Conditions in application.

Sponsored Exhibition Pods at RSA 2016 - Deadline 20th November 2015

With over 30,000 industry professionals, 500 vendors, 600 conference speakers, 400 conference sessions and attendees from 84 countries, RSA 2016 29th February - 4th March 2016 represents the single largest opportunity for UK companies to engage with the US cyber business and end user communities.

For the second year, UKTI DSO has secured exhibition space at RSA 2016 and is planning a UKTI Pavilion.

We have up to 10 pods in our pavilion that we would like to offer to UK cyber security firms. We estimate a maximum charge of £5k plus VAT per pod for this event. This will include:

  • A pod
  • An exhibitors only pass
  • Branding presence
  • Access to meeting space near the Moscone Center (bookable)
  • Invitation to a networking reception.

In addition, a number of other networking opportunities will be organised for UK companies alongside the event. This event is being supported by the UKTI Team in San Francisco and the US based UK Cyber Envoy Andy Williams.

The offer does not include accommodation or flights.

Full details of the conference can be found at

Expressions of interest are now invited from UK firms whose primary business focus is cyber security and who have not already reserved exhibition space at RSA 2016.

To register your interest in attending this event, please complete the attached proforma and return it via the following email by no later than 20 November 2015.

Please note that this is not confirmation of attendance. Eligibility criteria will apply (as set out above) and if we are oversubscribed we will review the bids to give a balanced representation of the UK's cyber security sector. Priority is likely to be given to companies who have not previously exhibited at RSA with UKTI before. Confirmation of acceptance or otherwise will be issued to companies by the end of November 2015.


The Welsh Government can support companies through our Overseas Business Development Visit grant with their flights and accommodation.

Please let Damon Rands know if you are interested in this event. Once we have an idea of numbers we can discuss specific sponsorship of travel with Welsh Government.

Access India Event - 23rd November 2015

We thought you might be interested in attending the 'Access to India: Opportunities for trade; technology and innovation' event which will be held in partnership with EEN South West on the 23 November at Leigh Court, Abbots Leigh, Bristol, BS8 3RA.

The event explores how to access one of the world's largest emerging economies, how to protect your technology and innovation and take advantage of the UK financial incentives for innovation and intellectual property. There will also be members of the European Business Technology Centre available to discuss their support to clean tech related companies looking to enter India, specifically in the Biotech, ICT, Energy, Environmental and Transport Sectors.

The directions to Leigh Court can be found here: I can confirm that there is plenty of free parking on site.

The closest train station to Leigh Abbots Court is Bristol Temple Mead.

I would be most grateful if you can please register on the link to confirm attendance:

Places are allocated on a first come first served basis.

Information provided by Research, Engagement and Innovation Services, Swansea University.

EU Commission Visit - 24th November 2015

We have been invited to video conference in to a session at the Cyber Demonstration Centre in London to speak with members of the EU Commission.

Representatives from the Commission will be in London to discuss their upcoming priorities for cyber security. Two of their main areas of interest are:

  • How to grow and develop the EU's cyber security industry; and
  • Where to focus the spending for upcoming cyber security research and innovation projects.

The consultation on these issues will be published by the Commission and, given the upcoming work is likely to focus on the cyber security industry the Cyber Security team at DCMS (was BIS) thought it would be extremely useful for the Commission officials to engage with a selection of cyber firms and academics.

They have arranged for their session to be run in the new Cyber Demonstration Centre which means that Clusters can video conference in and share their views and ideas. DCMS have only invited 2 Clusters to join this meeting and South Wales Cluster in one of them.

So, if you would like to input to the EU Commission's spending plans for next year and you have some time at 14:30 on Tuesday 24th let me know.

In the meantime, we are trying to sort out a venue for the VC.

University of South Wales Job Opportunities - Closing Date 28th November 2015

We are recruiting more full-time staff with digital forensics and computer security backgrounds for academic posts. Said posts will consist of teaching, research and consultancy activities. Please review these listings for more details:-

Senior Lecturer (Cyber Security) - Two Posts

  • Location - Pontypridd, Treforest
  • Categories - Academic
  • Salary - £39,685 - £45,954
  • Reference - CES159
  • Closing Date - 16/11/2015

The Faculty of Computing, Engineering and Science at the University of South Wales is currently seeking applications for a Senior Lecturer in Cyber Security.

The School of Computing & Mathematics is a dynamic part of the University which is active in research and consultancy, underpinned by a rapidly expanding Cyber Security Degree Programme. The School has a wide range of research interests, which this post is intended to enhance.

The successful candidate will possess a range of skills necessary to complement and enhance scholarly activity within the School, and to assist its growing reputation both locally and internationally. With excellent communication skills and a commitment to high quality teaching, the successful candidate will lecture on a range of undergraduate/postgraduate modules within the field of Cyber Security. Your contribution to research and consultancy will be strongly encouraged and supported by the School as a member of the Information Security Research Group.

See listing for details:

New MOD SBRI Competition - Deadline 11th November 2015

Autonomy and Big Data for Defence

Up to £2 million of funding is available for Phase 1 of this SBRI competition, with a further £2 million for Phase 2.

CDE, the MOD Centre for Defence Enterprise, is operating this SBRI competition in association with the UK Defence Solutions Centre as part of the Defence Growth Partnership (DGP) Innovation Challenge.

The competition aims to address the challenges associated with big data in defence. Proposals are invited for proof-of-concept research into innovative component technologies and techniques to acquire, process, visualise and analyse autonomous data. Proposals can relate to any military environment, in the air, on land or at sea.

The competition is based around four challenge areas:

  • Challenge 1: acquiring data for autonomous vehicles
  • Challenge 2: sourcing big data in difficult environments
  • Challenge 3: validating sources of big data
  • Challenge 4: managing and visualising big data

Further details can be found at

Note that the call will close on 11th November 2015


SBRI is the Small Business Research Initiative from Innovate UK aimed at bringing together government challenges and ideas from business to create innovative solutions.

New SBRI Competition - Deadline 29th October 2015


Security for the Internet of Things

This SBRI competition is being run by the Centre for Defence Enterprise (CDE) on behalf of the UK Intelligence Agencies. Up to £1 million is available for phase 1 with a further £1 million available for phase 2.

The internet of things, as a network of multiple connected sensors capable of communicating with their environment, creates security challenges. This competition is looking for research proposals to identify innovative technologies or approaches to meet these challenges.

Further details can be found at

Note that the call will close on 29th October 2015


SBRI is the Small Business Research Initiative from Innovate UK aimed at bringing together government challenges and ideas from business to create innovative solutions.

DISA Regional Meeting - 26th August 2015

DISA (Defence Industry Security Association) acts as a collective representative body interacting with HM government and agencies within the defence arena. DISA is able to provide advice and support to its members and offers an extensive training program prepared and delivered by experts who are members of the organisation. The organisation has been running for over 50 years and up until 12 years ago was called the Guild of Security Controllers.

Basically, the Government has classified some locations in the UK as List-X sites. Each of these sites must have a nominated "Security Controller". On larger sites this is a full time job. On smaller sites, this job tends to be bundled up with H&S or other roles. DISA helps these Security Controllers to understand the complex policies and procedures that are typically written in MOD gobbledegook, acronyms and military terminology and helps them to do their job.

DISA run an Annual Conference for all members which runs for 3 days in October with speakers from the MOD, Cabinet Office etc. But there are also 4 Regions – Northern, Southern Central and Western - and each Region tries to run at least 2 regional meetings per year.

The Western Region covers Wales, some of the West Midlands and the South West. The last meeting was at Tewksbury earlier this year and they are holding the next Regional meeting on the 26th August. This meeting will be hosted by PGI in their Academy building in Bristol. They are expecting 20-25 people to come to the meeting.

DISA & PGI have asked if the Clusters in the Region (Malvern, South Wales, Bath and South West) would like to come to the event, put up some stands/banners and provide the members with some information about security.

If you are interested in attending and/or exhibiting at this event, please contact

ESTnet Go Digital, 30th June 2015

Go Digital will show how technology drives the Welsh economy and how business from all sectors can benefit. More information can be found at

The day has 4 pertinent themes:-

  • Digital Transformation: - transforming your business or organisation to be “Digital by Default”.
  • The Cloud: - how to make the most of it to improve agility and get cost-benefits
  • DevOps: - how to use it to effectively manage software and service
  • Cyber Security: - how to secure a potentially diversified set of data and applications

Each theme will have its own expert speaker, which will be followed by a breakout panel session to give you an opportunity to discuss the issue with colleagues and quiz the experts. The Cluster has been invited to run the Cyber Security theme and we need members of the Cluster to attend as "experts" in the panel discussion. If you are available for this, please let us know

Go Digital will also have an extensive exhibition area to continue the discussion and showcase your own company’s expertise. Exhibitor space is available at a reduced rate for ESTnet members, and free for ESTnet Start-up members. To reserve your exhibition place please click here

Welsh Festival of Innovation, June 2015

The Wales Festival of Innovation is set to showcase innovation here in Wales through a number of events, run by companies and academia. It will take place throughout June 2015, providing innovators with the opportunity to network with industry experts, showcase their products and services to potential customers and members of the public from across Wales and beyond. More information can be found at

The South Wales Cyber Security Cluster have published two events in June as Festival of Innovation events and we need Cluster members to support each of them.

The events are as follows:-

  • Tuesday 16th June - our "normal" Cluster meeting has been opened to the general public to attract business people from many different industries to come and find out more about Cyber Security.
  • Tuesday 23rd June - we will be running a special Cluster meeting, also open to the public, in Swansea to attract business people from West Wales who would not normally travel to Cardiff for our normal meetings. This event is being run in conjunction with NVI Wales and TechHub.

Both of these events will revolve around some set piece presentations, a Q&A session and some networking (sales) time supported by Banner-Stands at the back of the room to showcase the capabilities of Cluster members.

If you have any ideas for what we can do at this meeting or for demonstrations, please let us know

Nuclear Knowledge Management & Cyber Security Conference 2015, Hilton Cardiff, 17th-18th June 2015

The world's first conference to confront the nuclear skills gap and nuclear security in one.

With cyber-crime estimated to cost the UK £27billion per annum and an influx of high profile cyber-attacks on a number of multinational conglomeratesm companies around the world are investing heavily in their cyber security strategies. The UK's civil nuclear industry is no different with the NDA receiving nearly 30,000 cyber-attacks every day.

To address these pressing issues Nuclear Energy Insider brings you the Nuclear Knowledge Management ansd Cyber Security Conference 2015. This two day conference will bring together leading stakeholders from the civil nuclear industry, knowledge management and cyber security indisutries to solve the biggest challenge facing the UK nuclear industry. Over 150 leading names from the regulators, utilities, SLCs amd service providers will be coming together at the only event with this unique focus.

The South Wales Cyber Security Cluster have been offered preferential rates to exhibit and/or attend this event. If you would like more information go to or contact Ieuan Phillips or on 0207 422 4304.

Digital 15, Celtic Manor, 8th-9th June 2015

Wales' own annual technology event is set to return to Newport's Celtic Manor in June with the aim of helping Welsh businesses and young people to use computers for economic growth. Digital 2015, which held its first two-day event at the venue in 2013 and repeated the very successful event in 2014, is expecting even more delegates this year from businesses and the education sector in Wales.

Speaking about last year's event, Tom Kelly, chair of the Welsh Government's ICT (information and communications technology) sector panel, said: "Economies all over the world have woken up to the enabling power of ICT and it's crucial that Wales remains ahead of the curve. Digital 2014 will help ensure a digital culture is positioned at the centre of Welsh education and industry to secure our economic future and position Wales at the very forefront of the digital revolution."

Echoing the same sentiments this year, the organising Team are keen to elevate the event to compete with other International Expo events and all suggestions and ideas for content and structure are welcome.

The South Wales Cyber Security Cluster have expressed an interest in proactively supporting the event. If you wish to exhibit and/or if you have any suggestions for more active demostrations or activities, please let us know

InfoSec Europe, London Olympia, 2nd-4th June 2015

Infosecurity Europe is Europe's number one information security event. Featuring over 345 exhibiting vendors and services suppliers with the most diverse range of new products and services, an unrivalled education programme and over 15,000 industry professionals travelling from over 70 countries, it is the most important date in the calendar for Information Security professionals across Europe

South Wales Cyber Security Cluster members have 3 options available to exhibit at this event:-

  • UK Cyber Forum Stand - The Forum is seeking funding from BIS to help subsidise a Forum Stand which can be manned by representatives from the Clusters. More information to follow.
  • BIS Subsidised Stand - It is possible that BIS will sponsor up to 10 additional stands in the Innovation Springboard zone at the show. If this is signed off, then Cluster members (from all Clusters) will be asked to express their interest and organisations will be selected based on the innovative nature of their offerings. Hopefully more information to follow.
  • Welsh Government Stand - Welsh Government have a Stand and it may be possible that it can be partially manned by representatives from the South Wales Cluster. More information to follow.
  • South Wales Cluster Stand - Stands cost around £8,000. If any Cluster members are interested in sharing this cost, then a Cluster Stand can be acquired and manned by those contributors with independant and joint marketing in the event literature. If you are interested in doing this please email

Welsh Industry Cyber Security Summit, Celtic Manor, 29th April 2015

The Welsh Government, in conjunction with Airbus, Tarian and the University of South Wales are staging a new event aimed at CEO level executives in organisations that are generating IPR, across all sectors. The first Welsh Industry Cyber Security Summit will have discussion panels chaired by Dr Robert Nowill, Director of Cyber Security Challenge UK as well as keynote speakers from the organisers and BIS, which will follow three themes:-

  • Threats
  • Solutions
  • Opportunities

Wayne James, Cyber Lead in the Welsh Government ICT Exploitation Unit, has very kindly secured the South Wales Cyber Security Cluster a free Stand at the event to promote the aims of the Cluster and the capabilities of the Core members.

Other Stands will include the Cyber Security Challenge UK, Airbus Innovation Display, Get Safe Online and the Tiger Scheme (USW). It is intended to be a "no sell" type event but there will be engagement opportunities with the 150 attendees if interest is expressed.

It is proposed that the Cluster make the following arrangements:-

  • Pop-up Stand - The production of a rollup banner and some supporting collateral to advertise the Cluster.
  • Manning the Stand - No more than 2 or 3 people can comfortably attend the table-top stand at any given time. However, any Core Members who are interested in attending are able to register and we can agree a rota for who will be at the stand while the others mingle with the other delegates.
  • Managing Engagements - A list of Core Members in attendance, with mobile telephone numbers, will be available on the stand at all times and if a delegate enquires about a particular product, service or capability then that person can be contacted (if they are not already on the stand) to pop back to the stand and engage the delegate.

If you are a Core Momber of the Cluster (individuals or companies with less than 250 employees, actively involved in cyber security and located in South Wales) and you would like to attend this event and help man the Cluster stand, please contact John Davies so that preparations (and contributions towards the collateral) can be made.

It is possible to register for the event by emailing your details to There is also a LinkedIn Group which is progressively releasing details of the event at "Welsh Industry Cyber Security Summit". When you register, please be sure to mention that you are a member of the Cluster (so that you are sure of a place if the event is over-subscribed).

Wales Fraud Forum Masterclass, Cardiff 23rd April 2015

There are a few places left on the Master Class detailed below. Full details and a registration form can be found on the website

  • Title: Insolvency, Misfortune or Crime?
  • Presented by: Liam Mannell, Department for Business, Innovation & Skills
  • Time: 8.30am coffee and networking | 9am-11.30pm Master Class
  • Date: Thursday, 23 April 2015
  • Venue: Companies House, Cardiff

Insolvency splits neatly in two, personal insolvency [bankruptcy] and company insolvency [liquidation]. They intertwine to an extent, for example a bankrupt cannot be a company director or act in the management of a company during the period of bankruptcy.

If you wish to register please contact Paula Thomas, Chair, Wales Fraud Forum on or 01443 483607